I hope everyone had a good rest and is ready to go on the second day of Startup Week. Remember, while there are plenty of ways to enjoy yourself throughout the week, pace yourself! There will be ice skating on the last day. We don’t want you to fall on your face from exhaustion on the rink! With that in mind, here are a few of the things going on today that you’ll want to check out…

Start your day right with the most important meal. Breakfast is served at 8:30 at the Chase Basecamp. The energy you consume here will carry you on to do and learn great things!

Nicholas Karnaze will teach you all about “Leading Your Start-Up” with a fireside chat at 11:00 at the Chase Basecamp followed by lunch.

Learn what Tampa Bay area investors are looking for in a panel discussion with Brian Smith at 3:00 pm.

Join The Urban Conga for a Ping-Pong tournament in Gaslight Park at 4:00 pm! This is going to be great!

At 6:00 pm join the crowd at the St. Petersburg shuffleboard courts for a special screening of Maker: The Movie followed by a lively discussion.

There are plenty of other events to attend and a lot more fun to be had. Click on the schedule below to RSVP for any and all of these.