Tampa is a great place to start a technology startup. For one thing, It’s a haven for web and app developers (As seen in the Web and App Developer Track), and for another, it’s got a great community of makers that work together to make your tech work. Cloud infrastructure, AI, prototyping, you can learn about all of it in the Technology Track at Startup Week Tampa Bay. We asked our track captain, Florence Davis, what she thought about this year’s Tech schedule and she had this to say:

SW: Why are you excited about Startup Week?
FD: I am most excited about Startup Week because I get to be part of a community of innovation here in Tampa. I am also super excited to see Augmented Reality, AI and Machine Learning. Other interests are definitely Mindful posting I am a spiritual person and I don’t believe technology is the root of all evil but it is a tool that can help us, but we just have to be intentional and purposeful in how we use it.

SW: Tell us about the Tech Track, what can people expect?
FD: People can expect innovative technologies. They also can expect to take away tangible items from each workshop that they can implement immediately. They will get a deep dive into emerging technologies including Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain and even Augmented Reality.

SW: How does Startup Week help the community?
FD: It brings exposure and a thrill to stay here. 10 years ago the Landscape of Tampa was very different. Instead of moving out of state to places like California, Seattle, and Texas you can innovate right here and it showcases all the local talent and innovation that we have going on in the city. It allows us to build our local economy instead of all the innovators moving out of state, like in the past. A lot of times they moved because they were simply unaware of all the cool stuff we have going on here. This shines a light on all our local talent, entrepreneurs and businesses.

If you haven’t registered yet, there’s still time! Sign up for all the Tech Track events that you can handle!


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