Quite simply, Startup Week is a celebration of entrepreneurship.  During this 5-day conference, attendees will connect with fellow entrepreneurs, local businesses, and community leaders, all with the vision of strengthening our local startup ecosystem.

Last year, we introduced the Internet of Things track and it was a huge hit.  This year, we’ve expanded it to include more content in the areas of Big Data & Analytics and Cybersecurity.  We have so much great new content, we even had to rename the track to “Big Data and Connected Devices.”  We’re also super excited to have SourceToad Development Studio sponsoring the track.

We’re packed great content for you in 8 sessions in the areas of Big Data, the Internet of Things, and Cybersecurity. In each session, we’ll give you an overview of what they are and how they have the power to transform everyday life right here in Tampa Bay.



In our Big Data sessions, you’ll hear how Healthcare is being transformed, and how Nielsen is using Big Data it to unlock cool new potential with consumers.  Finally, we’ll top it off with a panel discussion on Friday afternoon with local business leaders and how they are using Big Data right here in Tampa Bay.

Healthcare:  Big Data in Healthcare:  Case Studies from the Front Lines”
by Bil Westerfield, President, Magpie Health Analytics
Tuesday Afternoon:  February 14th | 4:00 pm
Register:  http://sched.co/9NuR

“Consumer:  Creating Big Value with Big Data”
by Jonathon Wells, Vice President, Data Science, Nielsen
Thursday Afternoon:  February 16th | 5:00 pm
Register:  http://sched.co/9NuT

“Analytics:  Driving Innovation with Analytics in Tampa Bay”
Panel Discussion, moderated by John Bastone, Director of Customer Analytics, Convergence Consulting
Friday Afternoon:  February 17th | 1:00 pm
Register:  http://sched.co/9NuU



In our Internet of Things sessions, we’ll get you up to speed with the basics of the Internet of Things.  In addition, Microsoft is going to demonstrate how to build an IoT solution using cloud computing.  Finally, we have a great leader from Jabil give us industry insights on where IoT is going.

“Thought Leader:  Introduction to the Internet of Things”
by Miles Metschke, Steel Cloud Group
Tuesday Morning:  February 14th | 11:00 am
Register:  http://sched.co/9NuQ

“Thought Leader:  Transforming Business with IoT … Keys to Success”
by Scott Gebicke, Head of Global Energy & Industrial Sector, Jabil
Thursday Afternoon:  February 15th | 4:00 pm
Register:  http://sched.co/9NuS

“Technical Session:  Powering the Internet of Things using Microsoft Azure IoT”
by Blain Barton, Senior Technical Evangelist, Microsoft
Tuesday Morning:  February 14th | 9:30 am
Register:  http://sched.co/9aOv



Finally, we’ve got a few sessions on the hot new topic of cybersecurity and how to stay one step ahead of the bad guys.

Cybersecurity:  Threats Facing Connected Devices and the Internet of Things”
Monday Afternoon:  February 13th | 3:00 pm
Register:  http://sched.co/9NuV

Cybersecurity:  How to Protect your IT Infrastructure from Cyber Attacks”
Wednesday Afternoon:  February 15th | 2:00 pm
Register:  http://sched.co/9S7M


We’re so excited for what we have planned for you, and we can’t wait to see you there.

Miles Metschke

Track Captain