Everything Local

NHIE Tampa Bay sets out to find the most unique, adventurous and many times, random things going on in Tampa Bay. Nicholas and Ryan have been here a while and found that falling into a routine is a boring way to live life. As they began to venture out and try new things, they got tons of feedback from people wishing they knew about the fun things Nicholas and Ryan were doing around town. After spending a weekend away, disconnected from technology, these two guys got together and created the idea behind Never Have I Ever Tampa Bay. The goal of NHIE Tampa Bay is to give insight and provide feedback about all of the hidden gems in Tampa. Some of the places may be familiar, but others, maybe not so much. Nicholas and Ryan hope you enjoy the journey they have begun and look forward to hearing your feedback. Know of a place you’re dying to try but not sure of? Let them know and they’ll be happy to give it a “test drive”! Connect on socials with #EverythingLocal and #NHIETB

Nicholas and Ryan have put together some great events for the Everything Local track that showcase local entrepreneurs that have established themselves in Tampa and can speak to Tampa’s greatness! These events include Celebrating Social Media at Ferg’s Live presented by Reeves VW & JJ TaylorTidal Boar Ginger Beer Event, and Startup Tshirt Swap @ Geek Breakfast.

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