If you’ve been on the Tampa Bay Startup Week website any time in the last few days, you’ve noticed that there’s a bunch of events listed in a schedule at the bottom of the page. This schedule will be critical to your navigation of TBSW. Luckily, it’s all color coded and easy to follow.

If you’re following a specific track, you can click on your color and filter all the events down to the ones you care about. Simply sign in, check off the events you’re interested in and then access the Sched on your mobile device using this link. Then you’ll be ready to go throughout the week. There are also options here to download your schedule via iCal and add it to your personal calendar.

But if you’re the kind of person to look this up at the last minute, don’t worry! We’ve designed all the events to be easy to get to, so even if you don’t have a plan, you’ll be able to get to everything that piques your interest. Just remember that starting Thursday, the events move from Tampa to St. Pete. All of the events on the Sched will have an address associated with them, so you’ll know exactly where to go.

So that’s it! #TBSW17 is just a few weeks away! Register, find your events, and be prepared for an amazing experience!