It’s the final day of Startup Week! I hope you all had a wonderful time. And I hope you all continue to have a wonderful time! After all, we still have roughly twelve hours of Startup Week left! By now, you all should have RSVP’d for whatever events you plan on attending, but in any case, here are just a few of the highlights to look forward to…

Get into the fashion business with Leslie Joy Ickowitz, Brent Kraus, Rebekah Lazaridis, Elizabeth Carson Racker, and Nya Tanaka with a panel on Key Traits of a Successful Fashion Entrepreneur at 9:00 at the Chase Basecamp.

Brant Cooper will be hosting a fireside chat about being a Lean Entrepreneur and more at the Chase Basecamp at 11:00.

There’s going to be a Conga Through Downtown at 12 noon, and you’ll have to show up to find out what exactly that means, but be prepared to dance!

At 3:00 pm, families will gather together for a make session focused on making art and Valentines!

The Amelie Arena will open to all participants of Startup Week to skate on the same ice as the Tampa Bay Lightning! Following the open skate session, we’ll open up the Chase Lounge at the arena to hold the big Startup Week Finale Celebration! If you go to anything today, go to this!

So, that’s what’s happening today. Actually, that’s only part of what’s happening today. Take a look at the schedule below and if you see anything interesting that you hadn’t seen before, click to RSVP! I hope you all have a good time, take a lot of pictures, and make a lot of memories. It’s going to be fantastic!