Hello, friend. My name is Steve Beaudry. It has been my pleasure to write these blog posts for Startup Week Tampa Bay, and I’m breaking the fourth wall here for a moment to tell you about my own startup, The Green Asterisk. I ran the social media accounts for Startup Week Tampa Bay for three out of the five years that it has been a thing. This year I’m focusing solely on the blog and have left the social accounts to the fine folks at Social Media Squared, but if your startup needs any social media services or blog content, I’d be happy to provide them via The Green Asterisk. Although the Green Asterisk has only just registered as an LLC this past August, it has been the brand under which I have done some of my best freelance work for years. It’s my specialty and passion to help startups set up and run their social media accounts so that they don’t have to worry about it and can focus on the business of running their business. If you see me around at Startup Week, ask me for a sticker! That’s my time, so I’ll finish this post up the same way I have every other post; by reminding you:

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