902819_528667867183738_229829120_oRochelle Friedman Walk is the president of Walk Law Firm through which she helps all kinds of businesses, established or startup, face all kinds of legal challenges. Walk Law Firm’s mission is to help businesses and entrepreneurs achieve their goals quickly and efficiently so that they can get back to what they do best: their business. In addition to business law practice, Rochelle Friedman Walk is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil, Family and Appellate mediator. She provides mediation and arbitration services as a neutral party for all types of disputes, including disputes between business partners, vendors and customers, licensors and licensees, insurers and insureds, brokers and customers, spouses, and inter-generational matters by helping parties work to resolve their dispute before filing a lawsuit or during the litigation process.

Rochelle will be speaking at three events in the Startup Legalities track: Legal Boot Camp for Newer BusinessLegal Considerations for Internet based and IP heavy Businesses, and Buying or Selling a Business. Come hear her great ideas!

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