Dr. Anderson D. Prewitt is a thought leader in innovation, education, and entrepreneurship. As an author & speaker, he has given presentations and workshops in Asia, Europe, South America, & throughout North America to a wide variety of audiences ranging from students to scientists to industry executives. He has worked as a Consulting Engineer and a Research Data Scientist and has years of business consulting experience, as well as a unique background of working at the forefront of Innovation & Education. Dr. Prewitt has subject matter expertise in Data Science & Systems Engineering as well as a Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt and he is a champion for leveraging technology to promote transformative systems change.

Anderson worked as an engineer and researcher with several Fortune 500 companies (including Intel, Caterpillar, and Procter & Gamble) as well as various universities before starting his own business. Anderson is the founder of Prewitt Solutions, a Technology Sales and Consulting Firm based in Tampa, Florida. His company provides data-driven solutions to complex challenges by leveraging the right technologies to address business problems. They have expertise in computational data analysis, applied research, systems engineering, software development, and STEM education and training.

Join Dr. Prewitt as he speaks in the “Turning Data into Dollars” panel and gives out valuable marketing insight related to marking with key data points.


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