If you’ve been in the startup community for a while, it’s likely you’ve heard the name Brad Feld. Brad is a co-founder of Techstars and has been in the startup world since 1987. It’s possible that he’s failed more times than you’ve started, and with ever failure came a vital lesson. He’s currently with Foundry Group where he helps fund exciting new companies like Makerbot, Fitbit, and Zynga. If you haven’t heard of Brad, now is the time to get acquainted with him and soak up as much knowledge from him as possible before you fly away on your own startup journey.

Brad will be speaking at the “How to Impact Your Startup Community” event in the Entrepreneurial Foundations track. You can’t miss this opportunity to learn from the best, and it only comes to you from Tampa Bay Startup Week! Join #TBSW17 on social media to learn about all the exciting opportunities coming in mid-February!