Wow! What a day today was! We started off with 1 Million Cups and moved into Fitness for Entrepreneurs. After that there was a panel about the fitness industry. The magic began when Billy Mays III demonstrated his Mouth Council concept in the Sound Track, mixing together noises made by volunteers to create beautiful soundscapes. There was a packed crowd for the talk with Ty Mathen about creating a loyal startup team. There was a showcase of local beer and food venues that was delicious. But the real special event of the day was the 1776 Challenge Cup Competition during which Tembo Education won a trip to New York to compete again for the national and the global 1776 competitions! You’ll find pictures from today below and you can check out more by searching the #TBSW16 hashtag on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and don’t forget to follow us on Snapchat for an up-close and personal tour throughout the week!