rise-and-grind-mondayWelcome to day 1 of Tampa Bay Startup Week! We’re really excited about all the events we have to offer you today, and we’re sure you’ll enjoy every minute. Some events that are not to be missed:

  • Breakfast & Networking — Start the morning off right with some free food and coffee to power the rest of your day! These free breakfasts will be happening every day, so don’t worry about coming hungry.
  • 40-Minutes of Fitness for Entrepreneurs — Take a moment to get the blood pumping at the beginning of the day. These stretches and exercises as perfectly designed for entrepreneurs to energize and pump you up. There will be an interactive fitness event like this every day, so come ready!
  • FREE Head Shots @ #ChaseBasecamp — We’ve brought in a professional photographer to take your headshot at #ChaseBasecamp so you can look good and professional on all of your profiles and bios. These will also be happening every day at 2pm, so if you miss one, you can check it out the next day.
  • Beer Judging — Are you a beer afficionado? Hear from some professional beer judges about what makes a great beer and why it shouldn’t really matter to a craft beer startup and their customers.
  • Tampa Bay Startup Week Opening Ceremony — Close out the day with a celebration of the week ahead! The opening ceremony will include drinks, food, swag, and all the celebration you can handle! Just make sure you don’t stay out so late that you can’t make it to tomorrow’s awesome events!

Here’s a full schedule for the day. Click anywhere on it to view more information and a schedule for the whole week.

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