That’s it for Tampa Bay Startup Week! We hope you had great time, learned a lot, and made tons of valuable connections. Today started with the Tec Coffee podcast, and moved into some valuable lessons about mentoring. We held a panel about making connections in Tampa Bay, set up some local entrepreneurs in the #EverythingLocal Market, and played around with some Drones! Most importantly, however, we ended the week on the highest note ever with a live performance from SoundWave at the closing party along with VR and Kinect games provided by Microsoft! Thank you, everyone, for coming and being involved with Tampa Bay Startup Week! Below are some pictures from the day and you can check out more by searching the #TBSW16 hashtag on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. We’ve also captured the closing party on Snapchat so get a good look and relive the glory before it disappears!