We’re over the hump and looking across the bay getting ready for day 4, but before we drive over the bridge or take the ferry to the beautiful St. Pete area, let’s take a look back at what happened today in Tampa Heights.

All through this week we’ve been featuring the Kyngo Power Lunch on Facebook: an hour-long interview-style video show taking place while everyone is enjoying their food truck food. Here’s a behind the scenes look:

But the big exciting event today was when Brad Feld, entrepreneur extraordinaire, Skyped in to speak with our local entrepreneurs to share his wisdom about how to impact your local startup community.

Another fun event was Mobile Photography for Social Media Influencers and Bloggers. Attendees took the cameras on their own phones and learned how to use them to capture amazing pictures.

The Ask and Investor Panel was especially intriguing as five local investors representing different stages of funding fielded questions from the audience who wanted to learn what investing was all about.

And to finish off we had our marquee event of the evening: Uncovering the Future with Tampa Bay Leaders where the best of the Bay spoke about what makes Tampa great and its future holds.

But now we’re done in Tampa Heights and it’s off to downtown St. Petersburg where our #ChaseBasecamp for the next two days will be the Station House! An unprecedented move in our three years of running Tampa Bay Startup Week! We’ll see you tomorrow in that beautiful, historic town!