We’re still going strong at Tampa Bay Startup Week, and you all showed us how deep your love is by showing up on Valentine’s Day. You’ve proven your love for startups, Tampa Bay, and entrepreneurship in general, and we love you for that.

Your love was rewarded with awesome events! And it all started with our friends from Chase telling us all about the state of POS payments.

Mentor hours sponsored by Tampa Bay Wave came up next along with an intriguing introduction to IoT by Miles Metschke.

After lunch, Chase for Business taught us how to manage our money in “Bootstrapped without being Strapped.” It was attended by almost 100 people!

There were free headshots being given by Corey Riehle at the #ChaseBasecamp!

And then Speed Mentoring and Networking sponsored by Symphonic Distribution.

It all culminated with a full panel sponsored by Directnic.com about getting your startup in the news.

It’s day two and we’re still just getting started! Come back in the morning for more great events!