What a first day! I think the real highlight of the day was passing our attendance from last year before the first day even started! But there was certainly a lot to be said for the events that those attendees signed up for. Here’s a recap of day 1 of 2017’s Tampa Bay Startup Week.

We started by opening up the coworking space. This will be open every day this week from 9-5 so people can get some work done while they learn about startups. You can set up your laptop, plug into one of the many extension cords and grind away.

The very first event to kick off the week was a Software Engineering track event powered by Bisk, “How to Style in React and Not Lose Friends.” Sarah Vesselov taught and a room full of people in the Hip Room listened intently.


Mentoring was set up at the #ChaseBasecamp where newbies and seasoned professionals came together to share wisdom.

And it wouldn’t be Startup Week without a food truck lunch!

After a few more classes in MarketingVeteran Entrepreneurship, and various other topics, there was the Startup showcase where we showed off the best startups that Tampa has to offer!

It all culminated in the Wrapup Party, and, forewarning, if you weren’t there, these pictures might make you regret that decision.

We’re gonna do it all over again tomorrow, so choose what events you wanna see on the Sched and come back with a head like a sponge! (Soak in the knowledge — you get it.)